Advanced Restorative Dentistry in Surrey.

Dental Rejuvenation

We understand that historical damage and treatment to teeth can leave patients with cumulative problems that affect their function and overall confidence. Here at Eastleigh Dental, we are able to provide comprehensive and holistic care even for severely damaged teeth, to rejuvenate your mouth and smile.

Bespoke Treatment

Our treatment is bespoke to your particular requirements and can include:

Diagnosis and treatment of advanced dental diseases such as tooth decay and tooth wear.

Restoration of dental function and aesthetics.

Maintenance and prevention of future disease.

What We Offer

Advanced Treatment

For the more advanced cases, requiring at least one complete jaw reconstruction, our affiliation with Evodental allows us to offer the ‘Evolution Full Jaw Implant Solution’. The Evolution Solution is an improvement on the standard All-on-Four® procedure, widely used by dentists to restore a complete arch using four implants and involving a long delay between the implant placement and the final restoration. By contrast, the Evolution Solution uses as many implants as is appropriate for your individual case and enables rapid, if not immediate, restorations to be loaded onto the implants. Another advantage is the procedure avoids the need for bone grafting, a common requirement with traditional implants.

State-of-the-art Treatment

This state-of-the-art treatment is made possible by our adoption of top-end technology to support our dentistry, for example using 3D imagery to help us visualise and plan your procedure in detail before we start. We believe our forward-thinking approach offers you the best reconstructive solution available in modern dentistry. Please call us on 020 8642 4221 to learn more.

Introducing Virtuoso Aligners - The New Revolution In Clear Aligners

Introductory price of £1,999.00

With the Virtuoso Hybrid teeth straightening journey you get the best of both worlds: The reassurance of your trusted local dentist at a price you can smile about.

At Eastleigh Dental in Cheam, Surrey, we prioritize quality care and have invested in the latest equipment and protocols to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. With a commitment to providing personalized care, we focus on a smaller number of patients to maximize time and attention. Contact us  to secure your long-term dental health.

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