Bespoke Dentistry in Surrey.

Dental Health

At Eastleigh Dental, we take a holistic and tailored approach to your overall dental health. Our patients come to us because they are serious about attaining, and maintaining, good oral health for the long term. We recommend checkups on a regular basis to help maintain good oral health and to allow us to detect any problems early, so they can be treated as simply and as non-invasively as possible.

Standard Dental Services

Examples of standard dental services we offer include preventive and restorative dental treatments, such as composite fillings, root canal therapy and the fitting of crowns and bridges. Any and all dental work begins with a comprehensive examination, including:

Complete check of your teeth, gums and jaw joints

Oral cancer check

Ultrasonic tooth cleaning

Diamond tooth polishing

Tailored oral hygiene advice to maintain a healthy smile

What We Offer


A filling is used to restore cavities left in a tooth when tooth decay or fracture has occurred. We have a range of restorative options, including cosmetic white fillings, to look after your needs.


A crown is a precise laboratory-made restoration that covers your natural tooth, to protect it or to help improve the appearance. There are a number of different types of crowns available which we will discuss these with you in detail.

Old crowns with metal edges can simply be replaced with more natural all-porcelain crowns.


Sometimes a tooth may need removing and, here at Eastleigh Dental, we aim to make your experience a comfortable and painless one. With vast experience not only in removing teeth smoothly, but also managing nervous patients, you can rest assured you’re in excellent hands with our dentists.

Root Canal Treatment

Don’t believe what you have been told. Root canal treatment does not need to be painful! Extensively damaged and/or dead teeth may require this treatment so they can be retained in the mouth. Although we have the skills and experience to remove and replace your damaged tooth, we will always discuss with you ways to try and keep your tooth. After all, there is nothing quite like your own tooth.

Introducing Virtuoso Aligners - The New Revolution In Clear Aligners

Introductory price of £1,999.00

With the Virtuoso Hybrid teeth straightening journey you get the best of both worlds: The reassurance of your trusted local dentist at a price you can smile about.

At Eastleigh Dental in Cheam, Surrey, we prioritize quality care and have invested in the latest equipment and protocols to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. With a commitment to providing personalized care, we focus on a smaller number of patients to maximize time and attention. Contact us  to secure your long-term dental health.

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