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Straightening teeth

When you think of braces, you may think of mouths full of metal that had to be worn for a couple of years. Today, there are a number of other options which can be used to straighten  the teeth, ranging from clear to removable braces, so you can find an option which best suits your lifestyle.

Inman Aligner – a removable brace

The Inman Aligner is a revolutionary concept that sees protruding or crowded teeth transformed in a matter of weeks. Only certified Inman Aligner dentists can provide them and Dr Rishika Patel has achieved this certification and provides the treatment here in Cheam.

The Inman Aligner aligns crowded or protruding anterior teeth with two opposing spring-loaded aligner bars. It is a removable appliance. This provides gentle but continuous pressure over a large range of movement. Surprisingly, this gentle pressure is the quickest way to move teeth, yet it also makes treatment very safe and kind to teeth.
Please book a consultation appointment with Dr Rishika Patel if you would like to know more about the Inman aligner.

Clear fixed braces

Many patients do not like the idea of wearing metal train tracks for a couple of years. Now, there is an effective, safe and affordable cosmetic braces solution that fits your lifestyle. Six Month Smiles and Quick Straight Teeth systems are clear brace systems designed to straighten your teeth in about six months. See below for some examples of our work.

Please book a consultation appointment with Dr Pradhan Bopanna or Dr Rishika Patel if you would like to know more about clear braces.

These cases were treated within six months using clear, fixed braces on the top teeth only and without carrying out any extractions.

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